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Accelerated Reading

This year the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program will be based on a reward system. Each student in1st – 12th grade that meet their AR goal with 80% correct responses and within their correct reading zone will win a free AR t-shirt that can be worn on every Monday of the year with uniform bottoms. Each nine-week period we will have a special reward to encourage our students to read.

To be eligible for trophy at the end of the school year, students must meet the following requirements:
1st Grade – at least 50 points with 80% correct
2nd grade – at least 60 points with 80% correct
3rd grade – at least 70 points with 80% correct
4th grade – at least 80 points with 80% correct
5th grade – at least 100 points with 80% correct
Junior High and High School – at least 200 points with 80% correct
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Hathaway High School SchoolInfoApp

Please download the FREE Hathaway High School SchoolInfoApp for your iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices. The Hathaway High School SchoolInfoApp enables parents, students, alumni, faculty and staff to quickly access all of the who, what, when and where for Hathaway High School.
The Hathaway High School SchoolInfoApp is free and can be found in the Apple App Store℠ and Google Play by searching for “School Info App”. With it, you can:
• Opt-in to receive push notifications
• Keep up with the latest news and information
• View calendars for general events, athletics, clubs and school organizations
• Add events & calendars to your device calendar or share calendars
• View a map of event locations & get directions to off-campus events
• Find faculty and staff contact info
• Get important documents & other media
• Access quick links to school menus, online gradebook system and more
The Hathaway High School SchoolInfoApp also provides students with valuable tools, including:
• My Assignments – a virtual assignment book that students can use to keep up with their homework, upcoming tests and projects, complete with the due date and priority level.
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