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Hathaway High School, a kindergarten through twelve rural school, is located in Southwest Louisiana, in Jefferson Davis Parish, Ward Three, midway between Interstate 10 and Highway 190, on LA 102 (Pine Island Highway) and Hwy. 26.

In 1920, five area elementary school (Raymond, Grand Marais, Glen Roy, Nubbin Ridge, and Crochet) were consolidated into "Hathaway" at the present site on property purchased from George Hathaway and W. Claude Lamb.

During 1938-1939, a new, modern steel and concrete building was constructed as the old wooden plant built in the 1920's was no longer able to house the growing student body at Hathaway. When the student body moved into the new building, there were eleven grades included in the school curriculum, and for the first time in its history, students could complete their high school education at Hathaway High School. The first graduation class at Hathaway was in 1941, the year the school was accredited by the State of Louisiana. Graduates from 1941 through 1948 completed eleven grades. The twelfth grade was added in 1948-49 and kindergarten was mandated in 1975.

A new cafeteria adjoining the school was built in 1945. A face- lift was given to the school in 1953, including the addition of a music department. Also, during this time, the community helped build a canning center on the Hathaway campus, which later became and still remains the Vocational Agriculture Department. In 1983, six additional classrooms were added to the front of the main building to accommodate the school's increased enrollment.

In October, 1989, the Hathaway School District passed a $400,000.00 bond issue for school improvements. The following month on Sunday, November 26, 1989, lighting struck and the core of the 51 year old school building was destroyed by fire. Immediate plans were made to keep Hathaway's strongly supported community school's student body and staff intact, which was accomplished by their traveling to Lake Arthur daily while a new facility was being constructed in Hathaway. The new 60,000 square foot school building and the renovations to the Vocational Agriculture Department exceeded four million dollars. This was funded in part by the insurance settlement from the fire and interest earned from those funds, and in part by the bond issue approved by the electorate before the fire.

Approximately 1,000 days after the tragic fire, the Hathaway High School student body and staff began their 1992 Fall Semester in a beautiful, functional, up-to-date facility that enhances the Hathaway tradition and continues its relentless pursuit of educational excellence.